Oklahoma Pinto Horse Association


The OPtHA charter held it’s first horse show in 1959.  The association is a non-profit organization.  Its purpose is to promote and encourage the general interest and breeding of pinto horses.  Also, to promote good sportsmanship and good fellowship among the owners and lovers of pinto horses and to improve the general condition and welfare of all horses.

The rules of the OPtHA Association are governed by the National organization - the Pinto Horse Association of America, Inc.  The Pinto Horse Association of America, Inc. was established in 1956 as primarily a color registry.  Today the association has grown to offer four conformation types - Stock, Hunter, Pleasure and Saddle.  There is also a separate division for ponies and one for the miniatures.  Two color patterns are recognized - Tobiano and Overo, as well as a breeding stock division for animals who do not have enough white to meet color registry requirements.

The OPtHA continues to grow.  We encourage new membership and new ideas that are brought into the club by new members. The OPtHA has many pinto shows as well as fun shows that are open to all breeds.  There are events and activities throughout the year that promote a family friendly atmosphere and fellowship among the members.

On-site national registration is available for horses, ponies and miniatures that qualify.

Exhibitors may also compete for high point and year end awards.

Royalty contest and scholarship programs are available for the youth.

We offer seminars and host special events for members and non-members alike.

The OPtHA puts out a newsletter every other month and a magazine once a year.

Come & join in where the action is, be part of a winning team, become an Oklahoma Pinto Horse Association member today!

History of OPtHA
2017 Board of Directors:

Executive Board
President: Frankie Allen 580-484-3672 
Vice President:  Dawn DeAmico 918-809-5659
Secretary: Kristi Rymel 918-813-7863
Treasurer:  Shelly Smith 918-344-3002

Board Members
Sherri Grammer 918-815-0001 
Ricky Payne  918-284-9699
Teresa Wilkinson 918-261-9062
Doyle Reimer 918-636-5758
Stephanie Horine  918-688-4826
Alyssa Frost 580-484-3672
Marilee Nies 918-407-1978

Honorary Board Member
Pat Walliser 918-232-8395

Show Secretary
Rebecca Roberts